About Us

If you wanted a cocktail in the late 1920s, you’d ask for a “giggle water”; an alcoholic beverage and the namesake inspiration for Gigglewaters, the restaurant, bar & one screen classic movie theater in the heart of downtown Safety Harbor.

When owners Richie Wilson & Rachel Fine moved to Florida from Brooklyn in 2015, they were happy to trade snow for sunshine. But they missed some of their favorite New York City haunts and started conceptualizing a way to bring some of those best gems together to create a truly unique dining and entertainment experience for their new hometown. They decided to create a speakeasy-style establishment that celebrated the prohibition era with some modern industrial twists. Tin ceilings, Edison lighting and a custom bar built from Biltmore doors & wood, circa 1897.

And while the look may be swanky, the menu is anything but pretentious. It’s Americana kicked up a notch. Over a dozen unique, delicious pure Wagyu beef burgers, bacon-wrapped deep fried quarter pound hot dogs, Cherrywood smoked butcher block bacon and an amazing cocktail list. They incorporated some of their NYC favorites, like Frito pie, toasted caramel bourbon poundcake and ricotta cheesecake.

The most fun way to enjoy the full dinner menu is in the theater, a separate intimate screening room showing classic movies while you eat, like Goodfellas, Breakfast Club, Pulp Fiction, Blues Brothers, The Big Lebowski, Fight Club, 16 Candles and more. Make sure to try the delicate hull-less baby popcorn with gourmet toppings. House favorite is the truffle popcorn with just a hint of citrus.

Prior to jumping in the restaurant business, Richie and Rachel are best known for their work in the television industry. Richie spent 17 years working as Howard Stern’s Senior Broadcast Producer & Rachel hosted multiple TV shows for Howard TV and The Travel Channel. They also invented the viral sensation “Shittens“, which Redbook said “broke the internet”. They’re excited to bring their vision to Safety Harbor & hope you’ll stop in and grab a giggle water with them!